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Our range of flooring systems start with our recyclable heavy duty cord carpet or flecked matting. To compliment your colour scheme chose from a stunning range of 40 coloured, new cut-to-fit cord carpet.  all our carpets are laid on top of a polythene underlay, providing a waterproof membrane.


For uneven ground we recommend an interlocking wooden board floor, to smooth out the surface, onto which you can lay either choice of carpet option.


A suspended steel frame floor, onto which the marquee is built, will level out uneven or sloping sites. The flooring system is independent to the structure. Cassette flooring is an integral ring beam flooring system, used on more undulating and difficult sites, creating a level platform for your event. The sub frame is built with the wooden cassette floor installed and the structure is then ready to be erected directly on to the floor. Both the suspended floor and the cassette floor is available with a wooden floor or carpet finish.

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Ivory Starcloth and Crystal Chandeliers,
Split Level Dancing
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