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Whether your event is in the warmer months of summer or the cold month of January, we have quiet, efficient and easily thermostatically controlled heating and cooling units to keep you and your guests at your desired temperature. The units are sited away from the marquee and the warm or cool air is directed, via a length of flexible ducting, through a diffuser box ensuring an even air flow within the marquee. a thermostat connected to the heater is placed inside the marquee allowing the temperature within the marquee to be controlled. Other alternatives include patio heaters and all are supplied with adequate fuel for your event.

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If the site is away from a power source or if you require back-up power, skid or road tow super silent generators are available with full distribution (boards and cabling) to provide power for your event. units range from portable 3KVa petrol units to 500KVa festival running units, coupled with a dedicated call-out service, long run fuel tanks, automatic mains Failure panel (AMF) - optional and standby sets are available. each event is power rated by detailed analysis of each supplier’s (caterer, entertainment, bar etc) requirement. The generator and distribution is sized accordingly with excess allowed for any increases in power requirement.

Luxury Toilets

Self-contained, easily locatable luxury bathroom facilities can be provided for your event. Choose from a range of trailer units or single freestanding toilets to suit the number of guests you are entertaining.

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